Property Values inch up in San Diego

August 21, 2012

The most recent sales data for San Diego CA. Sales Statistics for SAN DIEGO County CA Realist’s most recent sale date for this county is 08/16/2012   Single Family Residence Time Period Number of Sales Median Sale Price Jul 2012 2,393 $370,000 Jul 2011 1,989 $360,000 Jun 2012 2,875 $370,500 Jun 2011 2,231 $370,000 2012 […]

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Most Important in Property Valuation

July 11, 2012

  The cliché of the most important aspect of real estate values is location, location, location, is old-school thinking. The most important aspect of real estate valuation is finding empirical data. Well, empirical data is not realistic. Then the most recent applicable and geographically contiguous similar property will produce the highest probability of an accurate […]

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Property Values are Trending Higher

June 20, 2012

What are real estate values doing in San Diego this month? The month over month and year over year results are improving. It appears that the real estate market is starting to stabilize here in San Diego. While doing an appraisal in Orange County this month the same results were reveled in the data, after several […]

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Where are Residential Property Values Heading

April 30, 2012

Looks to me that Residential Property Values are still stagnate in the San Diego Marketplace. Taking into consideration a dataset is just that, a collimation of different properties in San Diego.  Looks to my eyes that values remain flat. One higher priced home can skew the dataset easily. Overall, looks like another year of stagnate […]

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Real Estate Values

August 9, 2011

Real Estate Values   The rate of decline in real estate values has slowed. What does this equate to? All this relates to is that at the current time the decline in real estate values has slowed, why? Hard to say but, due to the banks (rather the government) holding the foreclosure process to a […]

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Reverse Mortgage a Bad Idea

June 13, 2011

Reverse Mortgage a Bad Idea   Why would a reverse mortgage be a bad idea? Or, would considering a reverse mortgage be a good idea? These are a few questions quite often asked when considering a reverse mortgage. The basic question, is  a reverse mortgage a good idea, and the answer is maybe. It would […]

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Real Estate Values

June 12, 2011

Data quite often can be deceiving. For instance if the data string is consistent with the same type of property, selling under similar market conditions the data set will provide accurate information. However, if there should be an inconsistent factor applied to the data string this one element will skew the data and give a […]

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Declining Real Estate Values

June 7, 2011

ARE RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE VALUES DECLINING? Following real estate trends can be similar to watching an individual stock chart. Charting a specific real estate marketplace can in fact give one  a clear vision of the trend in values. However, charting  national real estate trends can be much more challenging. What would be the reason a […]

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Some Definitions of A Deed

May 26, 2011

Winter in Southern California Here Are A Few Definitions of a Deed Deed; A written, legal instrument that conveys an estate or interest in real property when it is executed and delivered. Deed Description; a recreation of the legal boundaries of a parcel of land is contained in a deed of conveyance. Deed in Fee; […]

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May 25, 2011

Toothpicks as a building block Although our site is about Real Estate I though it very appropriate to post about the link below. It is just amazing the passion some people have for a work of love, The second video is well worth the time it takes to view.

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